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Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio)

Located inside the Palace of the Science Academy, it is one of the richest Egyptian museums in the whole world. It has its origins in excavations that took lace in 1911, by two Italian archaeologists, Schiaparelli and Farina.In the statue section, there are statues of the goddess Sakmis from Karnak with a lion's head, and an important series of statues of pharaohs of the New Empire (1580-1100). The rupestrian (rock) temple of Thoutmes III was transported from Elessiya, 200 Km south of Aswan, and put together again here. Upstairs, the collections evoke every aspect of ancient Egyptian civilization: a beautiful group of sarcophagi shows an evolution over time; a set of Canopic jars (funerary vases containing the vital organs of the dead) in the hall before the mummies, which are accompanied by rolls of papyrus (the book of the dead). A reproduction of funerary Chambers (Gizeh) and an exceptional collection of funerary steles complete this section dedicated to death. Life is also present in the exhibition, including jewelry and ceramics from the pre-dynastic period (4000 to 3000), there are also objects from the Hellenic and the Roman periods. Finally, a hall dedicated to inscriptions: hieroglyphs and "sacred texts" on papyrus, pottery shards and pieces of plaster.

Piazza San Carlo

An example of harmony, this square is a beautiful example of urban planning. The churches of Saint Charles and Saint Christine are on the via Roma. To the East is the Palace of the Philharmonic Academy (17th C.), once the French Embassy. In the center, the famous "caval d'bronz", an equestrian monument by Marocchetti (1898) in honor of Emmanuele-Filiberto, who won against the French in Saint Quentin in 1557.

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